Persuasive Presenting

Duration: 1 day

What will it do?

Enhances your ability to create and present your recommendations fluently and confidently to your clients, resulting in positive action and agreements. 

More specifically you will:

·   Learn how to create really effective presentations that achieve their key objectives in a way that is interesting to their audiences and motivates them to agree with the ideas proposed

·   Discover how to produce shorter, concise and extremely focused presentations that will work hard for you.

·   Gain valuable insights into how the other half works. The media owner delegates will get a better understanding of the needs of their agency contacts, whilst agency delegates can learn from some of the sales skills employed by the media.

·    Grow your confidence in delivering your ideas. Through a series of relevant presentation games you will be encouraged to be natural, assertive and involving.

·    Receive constructive feedback on your content and delivery work throughout the day.

·    Take away key learnings that you can apply to future presentations. 

Who is it for?

It’s aimed at all media people who are required to present strategies, ideas and recommendations.

Level 2: typically 1-3 years, although more experienced executives will also find this beneficial.

What does it cover?

The course is split into two modules.  Before lunch delegates will concentrate on presentation creation and content.  In the afternoon we will look at how we can present these ideas persuasively. The content will include:

 ·           Creating persuasive presentations

o          Team brainstorms on the essential ingredients of the effective media presentation

o          Understanding and matching the needs and wants of our clients and exceeding their expectations

o          Making sure that all information presented is relevant to the proposed action

o          Structuring the presentation so that it is easy to follow

o          Best use of presentation media, the role of leave-behinds and the power of case studies, anecdotes and examples

 The morning session will finish with everyone creating an action-based presentation.

 ·           Persuasive delivery

o          Team brainstorming on the golden rules of persuasive presentation techniques, including best use of the environment, eyes, body and voice

o          Starting off so as to grab immediate client attention and finishing in a way that will get agreement to the ideas proposed

o          Involving our audience throughout and reading & responding to body language

o           How to present with visual aids for maximum effect

o          Summary of action points and next steps that each delegate needs to take to capitalise on their development


The day will end with all delegates presenting a short pre-prepared presentation on an unfamiliar fantasy topic.

 Course notes will be circulated a few days after the course and will be the unique product of the work, discussions and brainstorms conducted over the day. Delegates should find the course to be completely relevant to their career development as well as being practical and fun. We’ll have a maximum of 8 delegates to ensure each individual gets plenty of attention.

Who runs it?

The course is run by Michael Horner who has worked in media for over 20 years, both within agencies and media owners. During that time he has held numerous high profile roles in the industry, Sales Director of an outdoor company and MD of a Radio company, to name a few. Throughout his career he has placed great emphasis on the development of people and now runs his own training and consultancy company.

What do past delegates say?

“Helped me realise the presentation is only the springboard for further discussions/ actions”

“Learning ways to gain feedback and get agreement were particularly beneficial”

“Main benefit for me is overcoming my fear of presenting – something no other presentation course has done.”

“I’ve learnt how to use presentations as a method of enhancing reputation, building confidence and enhancing client relationships”

"This course was 100% relevant and useful"

CPD Value

7 hours