What we do

mc3We start by talking to our customers and identifying the practical day to day training needs of the industry. All our courses are designed with these in mind.

We use material and examples from the real world of media to ensure the knowledge and skills gained can be easily transferred back to the work place.

“This has probably been the most relevant course I have ever been on….the topics discussed and methods used are all things I can use (and will) on an hourly basis!”

Better Negotiations’ course delegate

Our range of workshops focus on the key skills required for a career in the media advertising business, from the newest trainee through to management positions. 

Current Courses

Types of Training

Open Courses

These run throughout the year and usually have a mix of delegates from across the industry.

They’re highly interactive workshops packed full of relevant tuition, exercises and group discussions.

Typically they run during the working day and take a maximum of 8 delegates. The exception is the ‘Introduction to Media’ course which runs over a series of evenings and can take up to 100 new starters in the industry.

They’re held at Central London venues with great facilities conducive to learning. See images below:

Inner Circle Courses

If you want to run one of our courses in-house just give us a call and we’ll arrange an Inner Circle course. 

You get the same course content and trainer but at a time and place of your choosing. 


“No external training is better focussed on the needs of your people”

Contact us to discuss your particular needs and find out more: training@mediacircle.org or call 07592 565 538

Who we are

whoweare.jpgWe’re a training organisation dedicated to the development of people in the media advertising business.

We’re also a not-for-profit company which means we can price our training very competitively.

Our members are a mix of media agencies, media owners and media trade bodies. This unique blend often brings an added dimension to our training and promotes better working relationships across the industry.

We are passionate about 3 things:

  • the media industry
  • delivering quality training that works in the real world
  • giving our members value for money 

the team

Rosemary Michael, Chairperson 
Caroline Simpson, Consultant: caroline@mediacircle.org
Ian Simpson, Courses Administrator: training@mediacircle.org
Louisa Oliver, Finance Administrator: louisa@mediacircle.org

Nick Baughan, Advisor
Matt Teeman, Advisor

the trainers

All our facilitators are highly experienced, professional trainers - great communicators from a media/advertising background who understand the media business and can give practical, relevant advice.
On certain courses we also get senior practitioners from the industry to share their insights and experiences with the delegates. This gives participants valuable face to face time with industry leaders.
All our trainers consistently receive exceptionally good feedback.

“Give us your people on a Monday and they'll be doing their job better on a Tuesday”