Handling Difficult Situations with Clients

Duration: 1 day

What will it do?

Build your confidence and give you practical tools and techniques to help you manage difficult situations in a constructive way in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for you and your advertiser or agency clients. Specifically you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of conflict and your own response to it. Be able to see the positive side of difficult situations and remain objective so that you can maintain the rational side of your thinking.
  • Develop strategies and tools to deal with difficult people and situations in an assertive and proactive way so that you are seen as a problem solver.
  • Create better agency or advertiser client relationships built on trust and understanding so that you can challenge your stakeholder's thinking, manage their expectations and be seen as a trusted adviser.

Who's it for?

It’s aimed at those who have day to day responsibility for client contact.

This will include media sales people with agency client relationships and media agency people with advertiser client relationships.

Level 2/3: typically for media people with 2-5 years experience.

What does it cover?

Before the course, we will ask you to think about your own personal objectives for the day and to tell us about client or agency situations or scenarios that you find most challenging. We'll use these to ensure that the content of the programme is a s relevant as possible to your own role and that we can design the practical sessions so that they are as reflective of live scenarios you encounter on a day to day basis.

The day will incorporate a range of activities from discussion, presentation of key theoretical models, diagnostic tools to provide feedback on individual style and activities in pairs and small groups that are designed to be both insightful and enjoyable!

Areas to be covered include:

Understanding conflict

  • What are typical sources of conflict when dealing with clients or agencies and what is your "default" response? We'll use a questionnaire to help you understand your preferred modes of handling conflict and other strategies available to you.
  Looking for the win/win
  • How do you balance the need to maintain positive relationships with the need to achieve your own business objectives? What behaviours are necessary to achieve outcomes which are right for both parties and position you as someone who can really add value for you agency or client contact
  • Standing in the other person's shoes - Perceptual Positions (NLP) 

Developing Better Relationships

  • How to understand your client or agency contact's "working style" from their behavioural traits and how that is similar or                different to your own.
  • Building better rapport and understanding by communicating in line with their preferences.
  • Dealing with different personalities when they are under pressure.

Managing expectations

  • 5 top tips for managing expectations.
  • How to challenge positively.
  • What to do when things (occasionally) go wrong! 

Achieving "trusted adviser" status

  • We examine the relationships you have in place with your key clients and agencies and take you through a model to help you build greater trust and engagement
  • Taking a strategic view of your key relationships and how to change  the status of those which need to be developed.

Coaching clinic

  • An opportunity to get feedback, suggestions and input from other delegates and the facilitator on your own challenging scenarios.

Who runs it?

The course is run by Caroline Connor who spent nearly 20 years working in media on some of he UK's best known magazine brands. She held senior positions leading commercial teams at IPC Media and Hearst where she first became interested in the factors impacting on individual and team performance. Twelve years ago she retrained and now runs her own consultancy working with agencies and media owners.

As well as training she works 1:1 with clients as a coach, helps teams think and perform better together and offers a range of diagnostic tools that help individuals better understand their own preferences and capabilities. She is accredited in Herrmann International's Whole Brain Thinking tool, the HBDI; has an accreditation in behavioural  observation and assessment of the Schroeder model and became a certified NLP practitioner in 2007

CPD Value

7 hours

* price quoted  excludes vat and is for Media Circle members. Non members price is £685 + vat