Getting the most out of Data

Duration: half day

 What will it do

Develop your confidence and skills in navigating the torrent of data that is washing over the world of marketing communications so that ultimately you can use data more effectively.

The workshop will help you to:

  •      Move from data to insight more efficiently
  •      Tell stories with data
  •     Communicate more effectively with analysts and clients about data
  •     Avoid pitfalls
  •     Use Excel more effectively
  •     Take a more critical view of what data can and can't achieve
  •     Solve your most pressing data issue

Who’s it for?

It’s aimed at anyone who has to deal with an ever-growing volume of data in the pursuit and proof of effective communications strategies, irrespective of the channels involved, but who is not a trained analyst or data scientist.

 The workshop is applicable to all levels of experience given that the data deluge is no respecter of experience.


What does it cover?

The workshop runs for an entire morning and is designed to be fast-paced, interactive and provocative.

 In advance of the course we will ask you to send us your most pressing questions or issues so that we can hone the content of the course to be as relevant as possible.

The course will start with an overview of the data landscape and the issues facing agencies and media owners today. 

This will be followed by pratical examples of managing complex data, involving short, sharp exercises and covering the following themes.

  • Visualising data
  • Describing vs Explaining what you see
  • Correlation vs Causality
  • Validation vs Discovery
  • Identifying true insights
Thereafter, it focuses exclusively on your most pressing issues in a data 'surgery', where you will gain an expert view, advice and tips on how to go about resolving them.

 The types of questions or issues you might want to raise and we’ll cover:

 ·       “My client is looking to us to develop data-driven strategies, and I have no idea where to start”

·       “Everyone seems to be talking about using social metrics to define campaign success, what should I use and what does success look like?”       

·       “What is ‘big data’ and what does it mean for me?”

·       “Media owners seem to be using data very effectively – what are they doing and how can I understand their products?”

·       “The analysts in my organization speak a different language to me. Help!”

·       “We sold the client a dashboard. It looks great, but now what do we do with it?”

·       “How can I use digital data sources to create better plans for my client?”


At the end of the course you will receive a short and hand-picked bibliography of books and articles to enable you to pursue further and at your leisure the topics covered.


Who runs it?

The course is run by Richard Longworth and Dr Martin Lawson.

 Richard Longworth spent the first sixteen years of his working life in advertising, culminating in the position of Director and Head of Client Service at Lowe Howard-Spink.

 His training experience began whilst in advertising as he was responsible for account management training at both Abbott Mead Vickers and Lowe’s and was a member of the training and education committee of the IPA, chairing, tutoring and lecturing on a variety of their courses.

 He now runs his own consultancy and combines ‘doing’ (marketing and communications strategic consultancy) with training. He is in the relatively unique position of working on a daily basis with advertisers, media and creative agencies and media owners. Which also means he is consistently on the receiving end of large volumes of data from a myriad of sources.


 Dr Martin Lawson is the Global Data & Insights Director at Maxus. He has been working in media for 12 years and joined Maxus in 2010 to set up the analytics practice in the UK office, and to lead media effectiveness initiatives across their global network. 

He joined Maxus from i-level, an independent digital agency, where he was Head of Data for almost 4 years. Prior to that he lead the analytics team at PHD media.

Martin's work has been recognised in numerous data and marketing awards, including the IPA Effectiveness Awards, the Marketing Society Awards and the Data Strategy Awards. 



CPD Value

3.5 hours