Better Negotiation

Duration: 1 day

What will it do?

Equip you with ‘best practice’ negotiation techniques and tools, improving both your ability and confidence.

Through a series of fun and involving negotiation games and team brainstorms, you’ll get first-hand insight into the fundamentals of great negotiation.

So you will….

·  Improve your negotiation skills whilst enhancing your reputation as ‘a good person to do business with’

·  Understand the role of good relationship building with your opposite number within negotiations

·   In addition to conventional negotiation styles, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with more advanced, lateral concepts that tend to deliver outstanding results

·   Improve your confidence in this essential skill

 Who's it for?

We encourage a mix of media agency and media owner sales people onto this course. Getting a first hand perspective from the ‘other side’ really helps delegates understand the key principles of good negotiation.  For this course, we recommend executives should have up to 3 years experience. (Level 2)

What does it cover?

The 1 day course opens with a group brainstorm on agency buyer and media owner negotiation objectives and the forces at work during media negotiations. The following areas are then covered: 

·    The importance of thorough preparation prior to starting any negotiation

 ·    Understanding the ‘haggle based’ negotiation ritual and how to manage each phase effectively

 ·    Best ways of managing and anticipating objections

 ·    Canny but legitimate negotiation ploys that buyers and sellers can both use and ‘tricks’ to watch out for and counter

 ·    The importance of listening and silence throughout the negotiation

 ·     Use and abuse of power

 ·     Advanced negotiation techniques covering:

o     Keeping people and problems apart

o     Seeking complimentary solutions rather than conflict

o      Multi-option negotiations

o      Negotiation and accountability

The course runs across one action packed day. You should find it to be completely relevant to your career development as well as being practical and fun. We’ll have a maximum of 8 delegates to ensure each individual gets plenty of attention.

 Who runs it?

The course is run by Michael Horner who has worked in advertising and media for over twenty years. During that time he has held numerous high profile senior jobs in the industry, Sales Director of an outdoor company, MD of a Radio company, to name a few. Throughout his career he has placed great emphasis on the development of people and for the last ten years has run his own training and consultancy company.

What do past delegates say?

 “I now realise that aggression is not a good way to negotiate and that finding common interests and understanding each others positions are far more effective in achieving the desired result”

“It has made me more aware of sales techniques that are used to get us to give more than we intended.”

“This has really built my confidence and I’ve learnt how not to back down so easily”

“I’ve learnt ways to make the sales people work harder for what they want”

“Really made you kick yourself when looking back on previous negotiations” 

"Very useful grounding in approaching a negotiation and getting the best result"

"Really great course, interesting, practical, very relevant and helpful"

"A terrific day and my relationships and results with my agencies have already improved"

CPD Value

7 hours