Advanced Presentation Skills

Duration: 1 day

What will it do? 

Helps those working in senior positions to improve the impact of their messages when presenting both internally to colleagues and externally when pitching for business. This ranges from informal meetings where you are presenting ideas, to high stakes pitches.

The programme raises your awareness of your personal communication style and how this impacts on the way that you present. 

More specifically you will gain:

·         A toolkit of presentation techniques that have assisted many senior media people improve their pitch success rates and feel more confident when delivering presentations and pitches.

 ·         Increased awareness of your own presenting style.  By knowing both your strengths and weaknesses, you are more likely to improve your presentations in the future and feel more in control of your delivery.

 ·         During the programme you will spend time working on an upcoming high stakes presentation and receive personal coaching and feedback from peers and the consultant running the programme. 

 ·         At the end of the session you will know how to save time when preparing presentations and pitches and have enough feedback and tools to make sure that your future presentations are more successful.

Who's it for?

It’s aimed at all senior media people who are required to make persuasive presentations or pitches. Attendees are likely to have considerable presenting experience commensurate with their level of seniority but wish to improve their skills.

 Level 4: typically for media people with a minimum of 5 years experience, however delegates with over 15 years experience have found this course highly beneficial.

What does it cover?

Two core areas will be covered;  the content of your messages to ensure that they are well structured  persuasive and tailored to your audience, and the delivery of your presentations to ensure that you make the right impressions and feel confident when presenting. The content will include:

·           Delivery of Presentations

       You will deliver two presentations during the course of the programme and receive feedback from peers and the consultant. 

 ·           How to Plan for Your Presentation

       We will discuss how to save time when planning for presentations both individually and as a team 

 ·           Making it Relevant

       We will look at how you can create relevance for different audiences and when pitching, how to ensure it is persuasive and likely to win the business.

 ·           Delivery Techniques

       Given it is not just what you say when presenting, but how you say it, we will spend time discussing delivery techniques around eye contact, body language and voice for both small and large audiences

 ·           Using a Structure

       Having a clear structure to your presentation not only helps your audience be engaged, but also gives the presenter more confidence.  We will use a specific structure to help you achieve this.

 This is an intensive 1-day programme which is highly practical but also equips senior media people with pragmatic tools and strategies. We limit the numbers to a maximum of 7 delegates to ensure each individual gets plenty of attention.

Who runs it?

It’s facilitated by Elissa Telfer who has over 11 years’ experience working with the media industry in the UK and Europe.  This has included working on large pitches, coaching senior agency people 1-1 and running training programmes for both media owners and agencies in the areas of selling, influencing, pitching and advanced presenting. 


What do past delegates say?

“A thorough and very useful evaluation of my own presenting skills by the trainer will help me to plan better for future presentations and think about tailoring more”

“I will change the way I think and do presentations”

“Great course – very intensive but kept my interest all day”

“Really helpful pointers on style and content and especially helpful guide to structure”

“Excellent day, felt I learned a lot, thoroughly valuable”

CPD Value

7 hours